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Mom & I" is a unique three-month program from Mother's Pride designed for tiny tots aged 12 to 18 months. It is India's first-ever enriching program that enables mothers to actively participate in their toddlers' early nurturing journey. Developed by renowned child psychologists, this program aims to make the early learning experience of little ones enjoyable. "Mom & I" fosters toddlers' growth through engaging activities for their overall holistic development, which are equally enjoyable for mothers.


Welcome & Settling-In

The moms and their tiny tots are warmly welcomed for an exciting and productive session at Mom & I. We are determined to provide an environment filled with warmth and vibrancy to make children feel like they are home.

Fun Activity Sessions

All our activities are learning orientated. They are an amalgamation of all the components necessary for the holistic development of a child. A number of growth aspects like fine motor, gross motor, problem-solving and cognitive skills are covered through these amazing activities which are loved by both, moms and toddlers.

Time for Lunch

Our in-house kitchen helps provide hygienic and nutritious tot friendly food which is tasted by the incharges first and then served to the little ones during their lunch time.


Goodbyes are really tough here but they do have a hint of excitement in it. Knowing they will be coming back, makes the journey even more fulfilling. Goodbyes here are aimed to build emotional intelligence and foster social skills.


The curriculum of the programme has been designed keeping the learning requirements of the little ones in mind.

Mom & I- Month 1

In the first month, the little one’s gross motor, fine motor, listening, speaking and observation skills are nurtured....

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Mom & I- Month 2

In the second month, the child’s self-expression, vocabulary, comprehension, telegraphic speech, loco-motor, non-loco- motor skills, communication as well as eye-hand coordination are worked upon...

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Mom & I- Month 3

In the final month, the toddlers’ observation, memory, classification, vocabulary, logic, reasoning, understanding, application, positive self concept and important life skills are developed...

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Nurturing Toddlers with Mom's Guidance

The program's nurturing curriculum is designed to provide comprehensive holistic development for toddlers. These young learners develop crucial life skills such as establishing routines, fostering independence, and expressing themselves, all while participating in activities that enhance their cognitive, fine motor, and gross motor skills. "Mom & I" also places emphasis on basic hygiene, promoting healthy eating habits, and enhancing vocabulary, all of which contribute to the well-rounded development of the child. Furthermore, it acts as a solution for separation anxiety and facilitates a smooth transition to preschool, ultimately establishing a strong foundation for the toddlers' future educational journey.

Helping Mom Learn and Strengthen Bond with Tot

The "Mom & I" program is designed to empower mothers with invaluable tools and insights to learn the right way to nurture their toddlers. It provides a comprehensive report card to track the child's developmental progress while offering them positive parenting tips to foster a strong and nurturing mother-child relationship. By joining a community of like-minded moms, they spend both quantity and quality time with their little ones. Additionally, the program also helps reduce screen time for both mom and the child.

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Safe and Nurturing Environment
Clean and Hygiene Place
Temperature Controlled Indoor Environments
Trained Staff and Loving Caregivers
Age Appropriate Learning Aids
Transparency & Trust
Infant Care
Doctors on Call.
Infant Massage for your Growing Child.
Child Safe Indoor and Outdoor Areas

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